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Thursday, December 18, 2008

TNB Jb....


yo yo arr je mamat 2org tue

muka menten jer nie

hai!!ni nak cete sket..sket jer,tak banyak pon..lalalala..nie pics yg sempat di amek oleh sobri (sorry sob,ko tak der dlm nie..hikk) kat TNB Jb..ako sorang jer kumbang (istilah baru sebab ako sorang jer pompuan,yg 3 org laei laki jadi bunga arr lak kan...hahaha)...kitorang lepak saner dr 15hb sampai 18hb dec 2008...perggg..lama tue...bosan sehhh...
1st day kat saner...tak der wat paper pon..just set up tempat jer..pas set up..kitorang duk lepak jap..keje tak wat laei..maklom ler...first day ler kata kan..tak der mood laei nak wat duk lepak2 sambil makan ler minum ler..ntah paper jer kan..keje tak nak wat lak tue....
2nd day baru kitorang ader semangat nak wat wat ler keje..g ler cari 'mangsa' tuk di jadi kan bahan seterusnyer...dapat ler tangkap beberapa org..ok ler..ader respond yg baek gak ler...maklom ler setelah di sogokkan dgn free gift..mesti ler ok kan...hahahaha...tak kira lah...sogok ker tak..yg penting wat keje kan.....yeesszaaa..
nak di pendek kan cete...hari ke3..dah stat malas balik sbb dah kureng org datang p byr bil..kira tak der mood ler..bile masuk hari laei..kitorang tanpa melengahkan masa (esp ako..hik3) terus tutup booth awal sket tidak seperti hari2 yg sebelomnyer...dalam kol 1pm dah kemas2 nak blah..hahahah...blah balik umah ler...ako kompom tak balik branch laei..malas ler...biler laei nak cabut awal kan...."wink".....
wahhh beshhnyyerrr kalo hari2 bukak booth..tak yah g opis...walaupon membosankan tp ako enjoy..sbb ako sorang jer pompuan..hahahaha...tak der kena mengena pon sebenarnyer..sajer jer nak menghiburkan hati ini...lalalalalala...

ok ler...nak chow dulu..ader paper info best t ako update g k..
oppss..sebelum terlupa..saper2 yg tak der cover insurans laei..baek cepat2 cari ako..hikk..
ok...jumpa laei..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life Insurance Isn't For People Who Die It's For People Who Live

Ask yourself: How would my family or business survive if I died?

This can be a sobering question with an even more sobering answer. Fortunately, there are ways to protect those you love from financial crisis.

At Insurance, we are dedicated to helping people find the best life insurance for their families and businesses. Insurance company have been helping people like you get the life insurance they need to protect the ones they love. In an ever-changing world, finding a little peace of mind can be priceless — and life insurance offers peace of mind.

We are NOT sales people. We are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need in a no-hassle, no-pressure environment. We think buying life insurance should be easy, so we make it easy. Remember, life insurance isn't for people who die; it's for people who live!

Many Purposes for Life Insurance

Life insurance is far more than just a decision of how much to buy. Depending on your financial situation, life insurance can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • providing for your spouse and children
  • paying off your mortgage and other debts
  • transferring wealth or business interests
  • accumulating cash on a tax advantaged basis
  • achieving estate tax liquidity

Life insurance is like auto insurance in that you can buy a lot of it or not very much at all. Life insurance differs from auto insurance in that, depending on the type of policy you buy, you can pay a lot or a little for basically the same death benefit. Keep in mind, though, that the younger and healthier you are, the less you will pay for coverage. Life insurers really, really like to have their policyholders around for a long, long time.

So how much life insurance do you need? It depends. One common benchmark is your death benefit should be about six to eight times your annual earnings, but there are a variety of factors to consider:

  • Other income sources.
  • The size of your family.
  • Whether your spouse works and his or her earning capacity now and in the future.
  • The number of people who are financially dependent on you and for how long.
  • The death benefits your family will receive from Social Security and any life insurance plan at your work.
  • And any special needs such as mortgages, college education funds and estate planning.

"Once the debt objective has been met, you should consider additional coverage for income replacement benefit, which would help your family to survive, in the form of a lump sum to cover the total lost income as a result of ur death or total or permanent disability. The next coverage considerations would be retirement and education saving"

(selagi ada dunia selagi itulah manusiakan sakit..dan sakit tidak memilih tua atau yang muda, yang kaya atau yang miskin...bezanya hanya yang kaya ada lebih banyak ruang untuk berikhtiar manakala yang miskin atau yang kurang berkemampuan...TIADA..)

not everything can be heal...but at least we are here to help you to reduce ur financial burden....


for further information...
email to me at


Imagine me and you I do I think about you day and night.
It's only right.
To think about the girl you love, and hold her tight.
So happy together.
If I should call you up
Invest a dime and you say you belong to me and ease my mind
Imagine how the world can be so very fine.
So happy together

I can't see me loving nobody but you around my life.
When your with me baby the skies will be blue around my life.

Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice
It has to be the only one for me is you and you for me.
So happy together.
If i should call you up
Invest a dime and you say you belong to me and ease my mind
Imagine how the world can be so very fine
So happy together.

Around my life yeah!)

Can you come
Ease my mind, ease my mind, EASE MY MIND!

So happy together
So happy together
So how is the weather?
So happy together